Primary Objectives of Course
The primary objective of the beginner PPCT course is to instruct students in the proper use of these pressure, motor points by teaching them how to defend against various physical attacks, escape from holds and apply controlling techniques.
Course Objectives:
To learn a humane, court defensible, yet effective system of Pressure Points presently being taught at Police Academies throughout the World.

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Student Objectives:

  • Learn the three distinct techniques of the beginner PPCT course.
  • Differentiate between nerve motor point and nerve pressure points.
  • Be able to land mark and identify the 12 targets by name.
  • Learn and know all the positions related to relative positioning.
  • Be able to apply and teach three main applications of PPCT.
  • Identify the three components of acceptability in order to qualify as a state-of-the-art defense tactic.
  • Identify all the rules of applications of advanced PPCT.
  • Explain and identify principles oftargeting.
  • Know the proper sequence of nerve pressure points and nerve motor points.
  • Explain the cause and effect of all advanced nerve pressure points and nerve motor points.

PPCT User & Instructor’s Beginner Level
The police pressure point control tactics have been used and taught for the past twenty years by GPG instructors. Shihan K.D. Lintott, the founder of GPG has used this system thousands of times as head of security in several bars; as a body guard and as a police officer. Shihan has been able to use and perfect the methods of the PPCT system in real life situations. He has improved the applications from their original teaching many years ago.
This system is state of the art and considered to be empty hand soft control. These techniques can add a great deal to your personal style or to the style of martial art you currently practice.  They give you better ways to use your pocket stick; long stick; key chain; flash light; key chain holder; defensive baton or empty hands.
Please keep in mind most unprovoked physical assaults or fight last only seconds, you need to prepare for the reality of that. All martial arts have something to offer and they all have some sort of weakness. You will not be able to strike someone into submission or pull off the perfect punch unless you practice and even then, boxers who fight for a living go many rounds without achieving a knock out.

Goshinkan Protection Group and Services have provided my private security team with the necessary skills to undertake nearly any confrontation.
— Kael L., Apex Security Inc.

More About Goshinkan

  • GPG Facilities are open throughout Alberta providing the best quality teaching experience for police and secuity professionals.
  • The courses main instructor, K.D. Lintott, has been in the RCMP for over 10 years now, and uses the techniques taught every day in real life circumstances.
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  • Prior to his involvement with Law Enforcement, K.D. Lintott was a highly regarded Personal Protection Specialist employed as a Body Guard for Castle Consulting. Beyond the personal protection of high-prole clients, he regularly consulted, trained and supported nightclub door staff and management on Criminal Code and Use of Force best-practices and procedures — so important to be able to protect both your staff and ownership group.