Primary Objectives of Course

Primary Objectives of Course
The primary objective of the persuader key holder course is to instruct students in the proper use of the key chain, by teaching them how to defend against various physical attacks, escape from holds and apply controlling techniques.
Course Objectives:
To help students and instructors understand that the persuader is first and foremost a key holder and the legalities involved in using it as a weapon of opportunity. Review section 34 of the Criminal Code.

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Instructor’s Objective:
To take the knowledge you learn from the user course, pass the written test and then be able to teach the course on your own while being evaluated by a license instructor.  Take the information back to your own dojo and teach your students or the public in the correct use of the persuader key holder.
Student Objectives:

  • Recite the nomenclature of the persuader key holder.
  • Demonstrate their proficiency and complete understanding of all the techniques taught in the course.
  • Answer all questions correctly as they relate to section 34 of the Criminal Code.
  • Know the four self defense responses.
  • Know the four assault ranges.
  • How to Load the keys.
  • Name and demonstrate the six grips.
  • Know the defensive stance and demonstrate it.
  • Know the primary and secondary targets.
  • Know and demonstrate the 12 basic movements.
  • Know what relative positioning is.

The Persuader Key Holder

The concept of using a small, one handed instrument for self-defense purposes is certainly not a new one.  For centuries, Oriental women were taught to quickly close their fans and deal with an assailant by striking out at various vulnerable areas of the body.
Clenching the hand into a fist and encircling the fan with a tight grip, while leaving an even distribution of the fan protruding from both sides of the hand allowed the defender to deliver hard, devastating blows with the fan’s hard ends.

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More About Goshinkan

  • GPG Facilities are open throughout Alberta providing the best quality teaching experience for police and secuity professionals.
  • The courses main instructor, K.D. Lintott, has been in the RCMP for over 10 years now, and uses the techniques taught every day in real life circumstances.
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  • Prior to his involvement with Law Enforcement, K.D. Lintott was a highly regarded Personal Protection Specialist employed as a Body Guard for Castle Consulting. Beyond the personal protection of high-prole clients, he regularly consulted, trained and supported nightclub door staff and management on Criminal Code and Use of Force best-practices and procedures — so important to be able to protect both your staff and ownership group.