This course was first developed in 1995 to help door personnel with their jobs in local night clubs. Due to the lack of training provided to Police, Security staff, and Inspection services staff when it comes to physical confrontations, this course expanded to include people specific to these careers.


What we Provide:

Course length can vary depending on the exact needs of the staff.  The course outlined below is 16 hours in length, a shorter course. The full course depends on the needs of the group, and is 28 hours in length. This course is taught over a few days, depending on the availability of both your schedule and our schedule. 

*You find the typical course time layout by clicking here.

The course employs Police Pressure Point Systems, at both Level 1 & 2.

Handcuffing (speed) - Basic Compliant Subject

Jaw manipulation

Joint manipulation

Escorts and controlling techniques in both groups and with the individual

Basic forward facing take downs

Hold downs, and controlling techniques

Weapons awareness and retention.


All techniques are considered low on the use of force scale. The program can be delivered in your establishment or ours - our facility is built to undertake all of the aforementioned.

Goshinkan Protection Group and Services have provided my private security team with the necessary skills to undertake nearly any confrontation.
— Kael L., Apex Security Inc.

More About Goshinkan

  • GPG Facilities are open throughout Alberta providing the best quality teaching experience for police and secuity professionals.
  • The courses main instructor, K.D. Lintott, has been in the RCMP for over 10 years now, and uses the techniques taught every day in real life circumstances.
  • Learn even more about GPG and the services we provide by clicking here.
  • Prior to his involvement with Law Enforcement, K.D. Lintott was a highly regarded Personal Protection Specialist employed as a Body Guard for Castle Consulting. Beyond the personal protection of high-prole clients, he regularly consulted, trained and supported nightclub door staff and management on Criminal Code and Use of Force best-practices and procedures — so important to be able to protect both your staff and ownership group.