BSD Course:

We have developed a simple system that will give you a good foundation on which you can build. Learning how to escape from an attack is such an important aspect of Self Defense, especially during the early days of learning. You will complete the first course having learned some of the essentials and some general concepts that you can apply to many situations. You may well want to take the training further and build on your foundation by learning some take downs, hold downs, locks and more but, first let’s learn how to get away. We recommend that you read this book from cover to cover before even trying any of the techniques.
Develop a game plan, avoidance should be your first goal but if for some reason this has failed you then your next option should be escape. Avoidance is very much controlled by your awareness which can be enhanced by increasing your Self Defense knowledge through reading and research. If running or walking away is not an option either, then escape is definitely your next option. If this involves a physical fight then you should look to make this encounter as brief as possible. The longer it goes on then the odds may be swinging against you.
The techniques in the GPG self-defense course originate from Goshinkan-Ryu Ju-Jitsu and it's self forms the basis of many other Martial Arts, the origins date back thousands of years and are still used by Military and Police Forces World Wide. The techniques here have been updated to suit modern day situations, they will differ slightly from person to person but basically everyone, young and old is capable of performing our techniques which are simple to learn but may take longer to perfect. It is through repetition and teaching to others that makes you ask yourself the necessary questions to help you really understand the techniques.
Our System is made up of various concepts; it is far easier to learn a few concepts than to learn a different technique to counter each different type of attack. Some of the very basic concepts used to produce a range of escapes combined with some basic striking and targeting.  Together they will give you a good feel for some of the basics of self-defense. We have also included a section at the end which gives some very valuable information to increase your general self-defense knowledge and awareness.

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Outline What Exact the course supplies here

  • Three Minute Rule               
  • Three Rules of Self Defense            
  • Self-Defense Responses               
  • Assault Ranges                    
  • Verbal Strategies               
  • Relative Positioning               
  • Distance & Time                   
  • Fear                       
  • Stances                      
  • Tools                      
  • Rules of Footwork               
  • The Flash Bang Strategy                
  • Time Frames                   
  • Simple Hold Escapes               
  • 3 Second Fighting               
  • Targets                       
  • The Techniques of Targeting           
  • Criminal Code                   
  • Explanation of Defender Assailant Factors       
  • Explanation of Totality of Circumstance       
  • Simple Hold Escapes               
  • Strength                 

Three Minute Rule  
Important factors as techniques must be simple enough to be performed under pressure, all self-defense techniques can be taught and learned in three minutes or less . Practice these techniques with friends and family. The more you practice the more natural they will feel. Also practice your newly learned skills in different places, the kitchen, bathroom, living room, or garage etc. If you spend much of your time in small rooms or spaces then don’t limit your practice to the large open space of a gym. You must practice in environments that are applicable to you.
As part of your awareness, it helps to recognize who the enemy is and learn to recognize their movements, even rituals that are common amongst certain types of attacker. Women are likely to encounter a different type of attacker than those that men are likely to face. Generally women are much more likely to take attacked by men such as: muggers or rapists as opposed to other women. If we know the enemy, then we have a far greater chance of overcoming them. There is a great deal of deception that accompanies these people and generally the greater the crime the greater the deception. Not all attackers will fit that stereotype associated with “The Bad Guy” and quite often you might not even have to look beyond your own family members.
Maybe you’ll never come across people like that but then again maybe you will, or maybe you already have. It could be in the workplace, in the home, on the street, in a bar or even on the road, it really could be anywhere. Don’t switch off, that’s just the type of people that predators look for.
Bad things sometimes happen to good people and don’t think that it couldn’t happen to you because it could.  We hear of things happening all the time, and by just being aware that it’s out there is a big step. We even hear of things happening to people right here in Alberta and as the Province and Cities continue to grow, so will its problems.

Goshinkan Protection Group and Services have provided my private security team with the necessary skills to undertake nearly any confrontation.
— Kael L., Apex Security Inc.

More About Goshinkan

  • GPG Facilities are open throughout Alberta providing the best quality teaching experience for police and secuity professionals.
  • The courses main instructor, K.D. Lintott, has been in the RCMP for over 10 years now, and uses the techniques taught every day in real life circumstances.
  • Learn even more about GPG and the services we provide by clicking here.
  • Prior to his involvement with Law Enforcement, K.D. Lintott was a highly regarded Personal Protection Specialist employed as a Body Guard for Castle Consulting. Beyond the personal protection of high-prole clients, he regularly consulted, trained and supported nightclub door staff and management on Criminal Code and Use of Force best-practices and procedures — so important to be able to protect both your staff and ownership group.